ESF Transnational Cooperation

The Agentschap SZW (Social Affairs Employment Agency) commits itself to sharing knowledge with other countries on matters of Social Affairs and Employment. The organization’s projects include programmes for transferring knowledge to other countries. Transnational Cooperation Programme is the platform for cooperation within ESF. The Netherlands is active in various European learning networks of this programme. These networks are aimed at sharing experience and expertise between European member states.

Ex(O)CoP network

Member states cooperate in this network to improve reintegration of detainees in society. The Agentschap SZW (Social Affairs Employment Agency) and the Ministry of Security and Justice organize various workshops and seminars in this regard.
The Netherlands has adopted the subtheme Aftercare. On May 26th  and 27th  2011, the Ministry of Security and Justice has organized the seminar ‘Aftercare’ in cooperation with the Social Affairs Employment Agency. This seminar focused on sharing experiences and results from workshops held in various European cities on reintegration of former detainees. Additionally, insight was offered in the organization of aftercare to formerly detained citizens in the Netherlands. This seminar aimed to forward recommendations to the ‘European Policy Forum’ which will be held in Berlin in February 2012 on ways to set up effective aftercare.

Age network

This network is more aimed at gathering information and best practices on stretching the period that people can work healthy and productively. The Agentschap SZW (Social Affairs Employment Agency) chairs the network. In 2010, a recommendation was submitted to the European Commission on the contribution by ESF to sustainable deployment of staff members. On April 27th and 28th  2011, a meeting was held in The Hague on the subject ‘Government programmes aimed at improving the transition from (un)employment to employment’. Finally, on March 31th 2011, a conference was held in Paris with the title “Innovating together for the employment of Senior workers”. More meetings are scheduled for 2011. Additionally, the network is gearing up for the European theme year 2012 focussing on ‘Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations’.

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Seminar Social innovation for smart growth

The Netherlands participates in various networks. Additionally, meetings are held on topical issues. The Agentschap SZW (Social Affairs Employment Agency) held an international seminar on the subject ‘Social innovation for smart growth’ on September 30th and October 1st 2010. In Maastricht, participants from all member states explored the subject and discussed the part social innovation may play in future ESF programmes.