Working together for employment 2014 – 2015

Duration: 17 January 2014 – 16 July 2015

To prevent young people from being left out because of the financial crisis, the labour market region Utrecht-Midden  is developing a regional action plan to counter youth unemployment. It is called: ‘Working together for employment’ and is supported by local governments in various ways. This particular project receives finances from the European Social Fund (ESF).

The city of Utrecht wants to educate and prepare young people for the job market and to support vulnerable youth and guide them to regular work or trainee- or apprenticeship. By providing wage subsidies young people will be able to get professional training or other qualifications in a hands on environment. Above all the city of Utrecht wants to get young people in shape for the job market.

From the 1639 participants 715 people have gotten a job, 210 participants are doing trainee- or apprenticeships and 367 participants are following a course or getting some other form of education and the rest have been prepared for the job market in other ways.