Sustainable employability Rendiz Care

Duration: 20 December 2014 – 20 October 2015

In several locations around the north and the middle of Limburg, Rendiz Care implemented sustainable employment projects that combine care and social- and commercial activities. Successful examples of these include lunchroom ‘de Brekkerie’, play farm ‘Hagerhof, workshop ‘de Stijlfactorij and the indoor playground ‘de Fabriek’.

Within these projects there is room for people who drifted away from the labour market, like low-qualified jobseekers, people from immigrant backgrounds, jobseekers with disabilities, mothers returning to work after long breaks, ex-prisoners and young people without qualifications. They are able to get some work experience and develop their own talents.

Every project location has two revenue streams: care finances and commercial revenues. This means that the local professionals not only have to be very good at their job, but also be able to coach and inspire the workers who come for work experience. With ESF money the work processes aimed at coaching and counseling have been assessed, evaluated and better aligned.