Sustainable employability in the itinerant trade

Duration: 15 April 2013 – 14 July 2014

A lot of entrepreneurs in the itinerant trade will end their business activities between now and five years time. The effect of an ageing society is to blame, but also economic circumstances and a bleak vision of the future. This is a shame because most of these businesses are viable and could create opportunities for promising employees who want to start their own business.

The Sector Bureau and Training Fund Itinerant Trade (BOAH) is a foundation comprising representatives of the Central Association of Itinerant Trade (CVAH), the Dutch Trade Union (FNV) and the Christian Trade Union (CNV). BOAH wants to develop conforming and effective policy to professionalize the itinerant trade and to improve employment opportunities and security of employment. The European Social Fund (ESF) supports this project financially.

Some of the difficulties itinerant trade has to deal with are education, sustainable employability and health. Because of the financial crisis small enterprises are unable or unwilling to offer young people a traineeship or apprenticeship and to invest in the further education of their employees.

Some businesses are not equipped to deal with personnel issues, entrepreneurs are in short supply and a lot of employees are not qualified or able to handle progress and/or new developments in the world of sales.

The Centre for Knowledge and Development (CKO) has made a plan to deal with these challenges aimed at working healthily and energetically, to increase safety, to improve on time management and to work on socially innovative and sustainable entrepreneurship.