Social Taxi Fund

Duration: 1 January 2014 – 30 March 2015

Vitality project passenger transport

With this Vitality project, the Social Taxi Fund tries to put ‘a healthier lifestyle for taxi drivers’ on the map aimed not at the employers, but at the employees themselves. Research shows that absenteeism and lost days of staff not always finds its cause in job-related issues. So, instead of focusing on the employers, this project focuses on the workers and their own responsibility in the matter.

This new way of addressing matters has proved to be successful. Workers are triggered into action when confronted with the sometimes negative results of the vitality check and the employers have found a new role in being supportive and able to stimulate the worker into doing better.

With money from ESF the taxi branch has a new sustainable employability toolkit at their disposal which is so popular with its users that it gets everybody in motion, one way or another.

Social Taxi Fund supports taxi-companies in rolling out the toolkit so individual workers can get the opportunity to better their lifestyle and health.