Job market region Friesland

Young people on the job with the ‘youth voucher’

Job market region Friesland wants to educate and prepare young people for the job market and to support vulnerable youth and guide them to regular work or trainee- or apprenticeship. By providing wage subsidies like the ‘youth voucher’ young people will be able to get professional training or other qualifications in a hands on environment.

The youth voucher (amounts to 2500 euro pp, max of 10 employees), is part of an action plan to counter youth unemployment in Friesland and is meant to stimulate employers and businesses to accept young people into the workforce for at least 6 months.

The youth voucher project has been quite successful and has helped over 700 young people find employment of which 40% got a renewal on their contract after 6 months and another 40% got an extended contract for 12 months. 70 people managed to obtain trainee- or apprenticeships.

Job market region Friesland has been very pleased by the results and hopes to extend this project in order to help more people find permanent employment.